I need to load an image in my program, but I keep getting this error:

C:\Documents and Settings\Remy B\Desktop\programming\Java\Java Projects\NurseGUI\GraphPanel.java:30: cannot resolve symbol
symbol  : variable danger 
location: class GraphPanel
        danger = getImage(getDocumentBase(), "danger.jpg");

I'm assuming this is because you can only use getDocumentBase with applets? I googled, but I couldn't find a way to do the same thing if you aren't using an applet.

Try using System.getProperty("user.dir") or System.getProperty("home.dir") if you want the current directory or if you want the directory where that class file also resides, then try getClass().getClassLoader().findResource("danger.jpg") Read the API for System and ClassLoader for a more detailed description.

Thank you.

However, I think I may have misdiagnosed my problem. Since I can't seem to use getImage or getAudioClip even when I specify the file path directly. When I went to sun's documentation about those commands, they come up under the "applet" class? What should I do to load images/sounds if I don't want to make the program an applet?


For Audio check out the AudioInputStream class and its getAudioInputStream(File) and getClip() methods, and Clip's open(AudioInputStream) and play()/loop() methods.

For an Image see the read(File) method of ImageIO.