Hello there, I've been studying c++ for about a month. Currently, I'm indulging my self to pointers to be used in classes and functions because i have to familiarize myself with threading. Any of you here knows some good tutorials in threading, preferably html based tutorials. Or, suggestions on what to study first before digging deep into threading. Thank you.

Been googling around but I'm not satisfied with the hits. Consulting experts here is the best option I can think of. Daniweb had helped me a lot. =)

In addition, can any of you here suggest a good application that i can practice threading in linux? Thank you again.

Thank you.

> I've been studying c++ for about a month.
I would suggest you need at least 6 months (or maybe a year) to get really good at C++ before you start making a mess of things with threads.


If it takes you a few days to find an obscure bug in your code at present, then factor in a month to find an obscure race condition in some thread happy monstrosity.

Let me be blunt. If there is any weakness in your design or implementation, then a threaded solution will have you for breakfast before you've even woken up.

Haha...I have to speed up my study. An undeniable fact that 1 month of learning such powerful language is not enough. But I have no choice. I have a project this June, and that is to create a dvd-rw driver controller. I was assigned to this team handling c++ and linux, that's why I have to cope up with them.

Dude, the article is creepy. LOL

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