I am trying to write an application which require to play sound when the reminder comes up, but i'm only able to use text and colour bet is not working with sound.The code attached is written in a timer tick event and i will appreciate it if someone can help on this.

For I As Integer = 0 To DetailsTable.Rows.Count - 1
curtime = DetailsTable.Rows(I)(0)
newtime1 = DetailsTable.Rows(I)(0)
todayalarm = DetailsTable.Rows(I)(2)
If anotime = curtime And alarmdate = todayalarm Then
ElseIf anotime = newtime2 Then
End If

I don't see where you are trying to play your sound but if you are using vb express 2005 then use this to play sound.

My.Computer.Audio.Play(Filename, AudioPlayMode.WaitToComplete)