I'm trying to do something in this thread but I might have posted it in the wrong forum so forgive me for asking the same question in 2 areas but this problem is kicken' my tail.

See here please

Any help would be mac-daddy great!

1. Those brackets "(" and ")" should leave.

sFileName = sDir & ActiveDocument.Name & "(" & CStr(Month(dDate)) & "-" & CStr(Day(dDate)) & "-" & CStr(Year(dDate)) & "_" & CStr(Time(dTime)) & ")" & ".pdf"

2. I would try this (lookup the format function in vbhelp):

sDir & ActiveDocument.Name & Format(dDate,"mm-dd-yyyy_hhnn) & ".pdf"


Thanks PVBert,

I'll try it out and let ya know. Thanks again I really appreciate this

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