I have a web site. My webhost supports Python scripts. I am pretty good at python.

The question is:
How can i make a web-page written in python, so that after i upload it on the host server it looks just like a HTML page? (i mean, it is somehow like PHP scripting?) I have absolutely no idea how to do it.

And another question would be:
If i want to test my python-web-pages offline, just like PHP pages, what program should i use? (i checked the web, but i'm not sure, or i don't understand. Zope, Mailman, MoinMoin, PIL, Webware... ? I need something like this?)

Thank you very much.

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Thank you, thank you. I checked the names you told me, but i have another problem...

I believe that these programs (django, cherry) must be installed on my computer...
And what if i have a web host and i want to write my pages in something similar to python script, make all the background calculations in Python but print the result as a normal HTML page? I am working on something very complex and i really hate PHP, though it has exactly what i need...
What should my web host have to be sure that my pages will work correctly? I mean, i want the normal user to see just normal HTML pages, with images and tables and all. Just normal HTML. But inside, this happens because of all the Python classes and functions.
I checked a few hosts that support Python... it means that i can make my script in Python and print the results as HTML or ... ?

I'm sorry, my questions are very newbie and stupid, but i don't really understand these server things...
Pleaaaaase help!

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