Hello All,

i want to add a word/text file in database(MS-Access), for this i am using datatype ole object for that particular column.
i am using a text box to catch the file name and the complete path of the file and putting the value of textbox in that table column. But when i open the table to see the column value then it shows an empty value ie. nothing stored in that.
If i use Hyperlink datatype for that column then the path of the file is saved in the table but it could not get open by clicking at the link.

i will really appreciate if anyone can suggest me how to do this?

Thanks in advance.

MS KB 103257: ACC: Reading, Storing, & Writing Binary Large Objects (BLOBs)
MS KB 210486: ACC2000: Reading, Storing, and Writing Binary Large Objects (BLOBs)

Images (but you can also store copies of executable program files or other non-OLE data in a Microsoft Access table) can be loaded from files into an OLE Object/binary field (and extracted directly back to files) by using the ADO GetChunk and AppendChunk methods in VBA or other languages. In this way it is possible to display an image by extracting it to a temporary file and then using conventional file-based approaches, such as using the Access Image Control (though there are caveats with this control).

hello bert,
Thank for your reply.
my problem is not yet solved but your reply helped me to reach near to solution.

First try to understand data import and export from a database. It uses many standard object linking programs that are stored in a library which you can acceess through your vb code.

Now your problem is to read a word/text file and put the contents in a table having a column to hold one line text. Is it correct.? As far as I know, I can't tell you how a word document is stored in a database as a worddocument itself. Of course imaging technique is far from your idea, and I hope., it will not work. You can import/export data between a word document and SQL database. What you are actually doing is after getting the file name input from the user, instead of searching that file and reading data (one line after another),you are writing to the table the file name.

just do these things.

1. after getting the filename with path from the user
2. open the file in inputmode
3. with in a loop, up to EOF
4. read the first line
5. insert that line read into your table in that particular column
6.loop back

Hello Manoharan,
Thanks for your response.
I will try this and intimate you about this.

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