Hi all,

I have 3 labels, with 3 captions (i.e. integers)...

Label 1 = 1
Label 2 = 3
Label 3 = 2

What I want to do is search all these labels and find out what the highest number is (in this situation it's 3) so that I can then work out what the next highest value is, for the next label (in the above situation it would be 4.)

Label 4 = 4

Any suggestions?


Edit. Sorry, I thought I could help but I misunderstood the question. I don't know how to delete posts.

You're Having A Laugh.....Surely !

If You Really..REALLY Don't Know How To Do This, Then Send Info On :

1. Why It Appears You're Using Dynamically Generated Labels
2. Where The Integer Assignements Come From (Random !, Database etc)

1) There is actually a total of 10 labels in my project.
2) The integers are generated randomly (depending on what the highest and also previous integer is) using VB.

For example, in this program...

The first label will always be a 1.
The second label will always be a 2 (i.e. the next highest number to use, which is not the same as the previous label.)
But the third label could actually be a 1 or a 3 (i.e. not a value that is the same as the previous label.)


Just use mutile "If" conditions :

Dim MyVal As Single

MyVal = Val(Label1.Caption)

If Val(Label2.Caption) > MyVal Then
MyVal = Val(Label2.Caption)
End If

If Val(Label3.Caption) > MyVal Then
MyVal = Val(Label3.Caption)
End If

If Val(Label4.Caption) > MyVal Then
MyVal = Val(Label4.Caption)
End If

Msgox "Highest Value Is : " & MyVal


Thanks QVeen72.

I tried your suggestion and it now works. Previously, I was trying to find the highest number "on the go" without setting it aside (i.e. MyVal) to compare it to the other integers.

Thanks once again.

If All The Labels Are On The Same Form, Then Use A Control Array Of Labels With Index Values 0 To 9

Then A Loop Will Do The Trick

Function MaxLabel ( Optional nLoopMax as Integer = -1 ) as Long
Dim lMax as Long
Dim lValue as Long
Dim nLoop as Integer
If nLoop = -1 Then
    nLoopMax = 9
For nLoop = 0 to nLoopMax
    lVal = Val(Labels(nLoop).Caption)
    if (lVal > lMax) Then
        lMax = lVal
Next nLoop
MaxLabel = lMax

If You Don't Want To Check All The Labels, Then Pass The Index Of The Last Label In As A Parameter To The Check Function

Yes the labels are on the same form and in an array. I also need to check all the labels, so I used the following code. Thanks to everyone for their help.

'3rd - 10th labels.
yy = 1
    zz = Int((maxm - 1 + 1) * Rnd + 1)
        If zz <> lbls(yy).Caption Then 'yy = 1-8.
        lbls(yy + 1).Caption = zz 'yy = 2-9.
        Exit Do
        End If
    Loop Until lbls(yy + 1).Caption <> "" 'yy = 2-9.
    For xyz = 1 To yy + 1 'yy = 1 to 9.
        If lbls(xyz).Caption > myval Then
        myval = lbls(xyz).Caption
        End If
    Next xyz
maxm = myval + 1
yy = yy + 1
Loop Until yy = 9
MsgBox "The next highest value is = " & maxm
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