I've tried to run the code below for several hours and this is the error it gives me:
G:\Distributed Objects\Exercise 3\BankServer.java:11: cannot find symbol
symbol : constructor BankImpl()
location: class BankImpl
BankImpl b = new BankImpl();

I have other classes orf the Bank interface, BankImpl and BankClient but they're all working fine.ps help.

import java.rmi.registry.LocateRegistry;
import java.rmi.registry.Registry;
import java.rmi.server.UnicastRemoteObject;
public class BankServer
public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception
BankImpl b = new BankImpl();
//'0' denotes location where exported object 'c' is to be stored
Bank stub = (Bank)UnicastRemoteObject.exportObject(b,0);
Registry registry = LocateRegistry.getRegistry();
registry.rebind("BankService", stub);
System.out.println("Bank server running");
BankImpl[] account =
{new BankImpl(111111, "Smith", "James", 112.58),
new BankImpl(222222, "Jones", "Sally", 507.85),
new BankImpl(333333, "White", "Mary Jane", 2345.00),
new BankImpl(444444, "Brooks", "Mark", 10028.00)};
for (int i=0; i<account.length; i++)
int accountNumber= account[i].getAcctNum();
}catch(Exception e){
System.out.println("Trouble: " + e);