I'm new in programming microcontroller in c. And I was given an assignment to write a simple program to turn 'ON' and "OFF' the LED by pressing push buttons. The microcontroller i'm using is PIC18F4620. And i'll need 1 LED and 2 push buttons to program this. I have already tried to write the program but it doesnt work. Here is my program:

#include <p18f4620.h>
#pragma config OSC = HS
#pragma config WDT = OFF
#pragma config LVP = OFF
#define btn_on    PORTBbits.RB4
#define btn_off  PORTBbits.RB5
#define led        PORTAbits.RA0
void on(void);
void off(void);
void main(void)
             TRISA = 0;                  //set Port A(LED) as output
             PORTAbits.RA0 = 0;  //reset LED
             [U]while(btn_on != btn_off)[/U]        //wait for btn press
    if (btn_on = 1)  //btn on pressed
    if (btn_off = 1)    //btn off pressed
    void on(void)
              [U]while(!btn_on);[/U]        //wait for btn(RB4) released
              PORTAbits.RA0 = 0x0F;  //on LED
    void off(void)
             [U]while(!btn_off);[/U]         //wait for btn(RB5) released
              PORTAbits.RA0 = 0x00;  //off LED

the underline statement is the one i not sure whether is correct or not. I have being working on this for a week. But still cant get the program run correctly. Hope to get some guide. Thank.

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>while(btn_on != btn_off) //wait for btn press
I get this tingly sensation that you should be using braces for this loop. That is, of course, if you want both conditional statements to be a part of the loop. If you only care about the first conditional, you're okay.

>if (btn_on = 1) //btn on pressed
Are you really sure you want to assign 1 to btn_on here? This is usually a bug where people mean to use == for comparison.

>if (btn_off = 1) //btn off pressed


> void main(void)
Actually, it may be just fine as it is.

> The microcontroller i'm using is PIC18F4620.
This qualifies as a "freestanding" implementation. So long as main, or whatever the documented entry point is, is declared in a manner consistent with that implementation, then it should be good.

There's unlikely to be anything in the environment waiting for the result.

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