I am using NetBeans for my java class. I am trying to run the ever popular inventory program. My issue may be elementary, but I am still not quite grasping it. I am apparently not compiling it correctly. I set up three programs (?) - "Inventory", "Products", and "TestDriver". My instructor is telling me to compile them together. How do I do that? I have each one in its own program.
Should I have set them up together in one window? Is there a different option on NetBeans to have them 'packaged' together but not on the same page?

I hope I explained it well enough to enlist some help!

Thank you!

I hate NetBeans everything is made complicated there. If you wish to compile more then one source file they need to be in same project, if they are different projects it wouldn't work.

PS: I would rather use command line then start using NetBeans ;)