Hii EveryOne Need some advice on the following,

I have three war files which work along with each other as there is dependcies in them,
Now at the time of deployment i dont want to put three different war files separately but instead want to have only one,

I am new to ear files so dont know much about it can anyone guide me how to do the necessary ear file creation

or package my three war files into one

Thanks in advance

You problem doesn't seem Java related. Perhaps try a different forum? I've never heard of 'war' files, but if you need to understand there format, I suggest using Wikipedia. If you need help with writing data to a file then that would be a Java related query. And if I've misunderstood your question, could you please explain it in different words?

when you create a web site in .jsp, you'll end up getting war files, so you might consider this java related.
but maybe there is a more suitable forum in the web development forums for this?

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