I was asked to help make some test scripts at my work, and they use VBScript to write all their code. I pretty much only know c/c++ how hard would it be to learn VBScript if I am decent at c++? And does anyone have preference to which website they use to learn different languages?

Nothing is hard if you try, though I must admit the syntax differs a lot from C++ type languages.

There are a lot of tutorials on the internet, you just need to read them and start practicing. Writing small workable scripts would be a piece of cake. See this.

VBScript is to C++ as a tricycle is to a Ferrari. Somehow I don't think you'll have any problems learning VBScript.

If I wanted to practice writing some VBScript, where would i write it and see if it worked?

You can use Internet Explorer (browser) to test your VBScript code. See the first link I posted in my previous post.

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