Is it possible to communicate with higher than 256000 bps in visual basic 6?

I don't think you can go beyond 128000 which is down to hardware limitations.

Why do you want to go faster ?

Thanks for reply. But MSComm controls can go upto 256000bps. I want, if possible more than this b'cos the data I'm downloading from instrument is huge.

Hi Kshrini,

I have done a quick check and most cards go to 115000bps, but there are some high speed cards available from a supplier I use that are claimed to go faster., and which you may care to look at. (Try looking for a cable company in Slough.)

Hi DenisOxon,

Our R&D develops the systems, in which we require higher speed for communication. So sending data from H/W at higher speed is not constraint but receiving through serial port of PC is using VB6 is constraint. Please check if you can get some information on this. Thanks for reply.