I have both smartwin and devc++ on my computer. I am trying to develop a graphical user interface but when i try to import the smartwin.h file it fails. This is because the dev c++ can not see it. It says no such file or directory.

The devC++ standard library files are in C:\Dev-Cpp\lib and the header files in C:\DevC++\include. On the other hand the smartwin header files are in c:\SmartWin\smartwin\include and SmartWin\smartwin\include\smartwin. How do I tell devC++ where to find the smartwin header files and libraries? In VC++ 2005 one sets them under linker and c\c++. is there a devc++ equivalent and where do i find it?

Also. What exactly is smartwin? Is it only a library for making GUIs or is it actually a compiler and an IDE? Can I develop with it and if so how do I specify the location of dll and header files?

Lastly. Can I specify the location of smartwin header and lib files in VC++ 2005 and then develop win32 console apps and write code to include smartwin and develop GUIs from there?

I would really appreciate any help on this. Thanks.

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I bet there's an include path for libraries in the project settings. You should look there and see if you can find anything.

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