pliz assist in linking visual basic 6.0 with access step by step

Re: visual basic and access 80 80

what is it you are trying to do?

Re: visual basic and access 80 80

perform these steps:- vb6 and create a new project the project>visual data manager
4.file->new->microsoft access database->version 7.0 mdb the folder where u saved ur project
6.enter new db name and click create
7.right click on database window->new table
8.enter new table name->click add field
9.enter a field name and mention its type ok->close build the table
12.double click on the table name to open it add
14.enter some data
15.close vis-data the form take a textbox and a data control datacontrol and press f4 databasename and locate ur access db
19.scroll down and select recordsource and select the table from list properties of the textbox datasource and make it to the datacontrol's name datafield and select the field u created in the table ur work and press f5
24.use navigation buttons of datacontrol to browse between the records

Re: visual basic and access 80 80

why u don't u use the wizard instead.
when u start a new project/form choose the data wizard.

only make some selections .no need to add any code

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