Hi guys,
i need help extracting e-mail id from the text file
can anybody please tell me how can i extract e-mail id and store it in a vaiable using perl regex.
(e-mail id is not always bound to end with .com)

here is my text file:
IQXpert 27(ID) John Dow 29(ID) 9999MainStreetSuite111 9999MainStreetSuite1111 Engineer Townsville California12345 Townsville California12345 first.lastname@domain.com UnitedStates UnitedStates Phone Phone555-123-4567 Fax Fax


any help/suggestion is appreciated.

Thnx Kevin.
tht was informative but i did it other way bcoz i also had to extract other patterns.

thnx again......

Can you please tell me how the other way you did to extract some other patterns.
I need some assistance.

Actually, my problem statement is

Number of <<protein>> glucocorticoid receptors <</protein>> in <<cell_type>> lymphocytes <</cell_type>> and their sensitivity to hormone action .

From the above sentence I have to extract 3words before and after the biomedical term classification.
Let me show you an example

For protein, glucocorticoid receptors to this instance
beg1 = beg1
beg2 = Number
beg3 = of
end1 = in
end2 = lymphocytes
end3 = and

For cell_type, lymphocytes instance
beg1 = glucocorticoid
beg2 = receptors
beg3 = in
end1 = and
end2 = their
end3 = sensitivity

Hope you understand what I am talking about.
Please help me.

Looking forward for your reply.

Thanking you in advance

post a new thread cute121180 and post the code you have written so far to try and solve your requirements.

I haven't, I want to start the code. For that i need some help.

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