dear all.
I am the beginner. I have studying VB for a short time. I writting a entry data form. This form have many text box. And i cannot put all the text box on the form. Please show me how to use scroll bar to solve thi problem.

Thanks for your helping.

Set the texboxes "Multiline" property to "true" and set the Scroll Bars property to "Both"

I think, jbennet, what he mean is a scrollbar for the form. I suggest for you long_vn to use a Tabbed Dialog Control. You can add that from the Components the name is Microsoft Tabbed Dialog Control then choose the higher one like 6.0. I think it is more good than using a scrollbar.

oh i see ;)

oh i see ;)

sorry, no offense meant...

i didnt take any offense, dont worry :)

I downloaded a MDI form have 4 form. How can i creat a entry data form besed on this form?
Thanks for all your helping

It seems where getting out on the thread here long_vn...If you have another problem and not related to the one yoy posted try to post that as another one...Does the thread about using the scroll bar resolved?

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