i am new to VB and am working on a project to develop simple tool that will be able to monitor the traffic/bandwidth of LAN topology.

For VB i just know the basics, like making forms and others.
Please, if possible give me guidline and also workable code that i can be able to work with. i have tried looking for the necessary information online but i dont quite get what i need.

i need this fast. thanx in advance

Please gauge your task yourself. The complex algorithm
which you have to translate into workable codes in VB.
Of course, there are off-the-shelf objects and methodes
in VB. But to use those things my openion is that you
have to have above medium level programming ability in VB. From
your posting, I could understand that you have just
begun only.

See, people have a notion that the throughput or the
bandwidth of a given medium can be measured as the time
taken between two systems to transfer a particular file
of known quantum (KBS MEGAS) through it. That is only
basic. There are so many other bottlenecks that are to be
hard coded into your program. (eg. even the type of the
ethernet card got a performance grade). I think for this
purpose we have to run a tutorial for you. And this is
against the very purpose of this forum. Please read the
anouncement of Queen Dani in the upper pannel.

First try to write suedo code for you algorithm and try
to translate it into VB. We are here to help you by
clearing your doubts.

Happy Programming

AV Manoharan

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