I have the DEV-C++ and i want to install the Sparselib++ library.
I have ever install a library again and I don't know what have to do.The foolowing instuction cannot help me.
Can someone help me with e easiest way to install this library.It's very important fotm me.


Instruction about Sparselib installation.
1) More About SparseLib++
i) User's Guide and man-style pages are available via

WWW: http://gams.cam.nist.gov/acmd/Staff/RPozo/sparselib++.html [IMG]http://bookmarks.freestuff.gr/images/link/b-icon-12.gif[/IMG]

ii) Code examples are in ./testing/*.cc

2) Installing SparseLib++ library

You'll need to build the following three libraries

./lib/libmv.a MV++ basic matrix/vector library
./lib/libsparselib.a sparse matrix library
./lib/libspblas.a sparse BLAS library

i) cd to root directory where SparseLib++ will be installed
ii) edit makefile.def to specify your specify your particular C++ compiler
iii) type "make sp". ("make" by itself will provide a list of options.)

3) Testing SparseLib++

i) cd to SparseLib++ root dir
ii) "make test" will run a test suites and leave their output in

4) Package components

i) SparseLib++ and Sparse BLAS include files are in ./include
ii) SparseLib++ and Sparse BLAS libraries are in ./lib
iii) Lower-level Fortran-compatible Matrix/Vector library (MV++)is in

5) Help!

Questions, comments, suggestions, etc. can be sent to pozo@cam.nist.gov.

6) #include <std/disclaimer.h>

Be aware that SparseLib++ has been tested with GNU g++ 2.6.3, and 2.7.0
together with Sun C++ (CC) v. 4.0.1. and may not necessarily work with earlier
versions of these compilers. To find out the version of your compiler
use "g++ -v" or "CC -V foo".

>>2) Installing SparseLib++ library
The instructions seem pretty clear to me assuming you are on *nix and using g++ compiler.

You tell me that this library cannot install in (Dev-cpp) windowsXP??

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> You tell me that this library cannot install in (Dev-cpp) windowsXP??

Maybe, but it is probably gonna be real hard. I remember trying to install GMP lib for windows. That was not fun. If you have access to linux or likewise that would be less painful.

here is a good website for dev cpp. It might have your library. (installing libraries on windows is impossible)

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