What are the following types of files that can be created in VB

for eg.:

1>> ActiveX EXE
2>> ActiveX DLL
3>> DLLs

etc, etc, etc..

and all of them that we can create in VB

I know only the Standard EXE applications that we create in VB

please explain in detail if possible...

please help me as soon as possible

Unique identifier for each user.

DLLs are shared libaries. For example, i could write a card game DLL with a number of shared functions (shuffle, deal x cards etc...) and then use it for many programs (blackjack, poker etc..)

simply in laymans language DDL files are supporting files for EXE files.


DLL->Dynamic Link Library.
Suppose u want to connect to a database or generate a Report, u need some Objects, These Objects allow u to connect to DB's or do whatever task, They are called as Dll's. They have certain Properties, Members,Objects ,Methods. They act as a Layer between VB Interface and the Back Layer.
Users need not worry how the Dll's work, but once a Dll is included in the project, they can take full use of all the Methods/properties Exposed.


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