I am trying to add 30 days (or 30 times) validation procedure in VB6 code to program, so that people can try it before they decide to buy. I am trying to make program not run 30 days after user install the program or 30 times after user run the program.
Can anyone help me?

Make a counter and save it in a database, every time the user open your project make to open the counter and increment it by then put a conditional statement after that counter, if the counter is equal or gretater than 30 then make your condition on what do you want it either you close your program or make an alert box that blah blah blah!, hope it gives you an idea, just try it first if you don't know how just give us a buzz!



Create a password Protected access database, Save Installation Date and End date.
In program Check for:
If System date> enddate or
systemdate> (installationdate)+30 then
Give message and end the program.

Here u have to be carefull, In case user changes the Systemdate and can continue using it.
It is always a Good Option to check for Number Of Tries.. Say for 1000, Keep a Counter , Increment everytime the user Logs In, if it crosses 1000 end the program with alert.