We use Netmeeting alot where I work and to make life easier I am trying to write a program that will find the machine name, IP address and MAC address with just a login name.

Right now I can get the IP address from the DNS entry. But I am having issues with finding the machine name from the login name.

Any help is appreciated.


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Are you wanting to enter a username then find what computer that they are logged into and then find the mac, ip etc of that computer?

If you are working on a LAN, you could have your VB.NET program look at your network neighborhood and it would give you the machines currently logged on and you could assertain the IP address through the ROUTER or FIREWALL by ID sampling.

i'm writting a mini project by C#, this project scan ip address, mac address, computer name of all pc in LAN. then we access into 1 pc and control this computer. (don't use Client- Server model).
Nowaday, i can scann & get ip address, mac address and computer name, but i don't know to use what namespace to access into computer.
Help me! Thanks alot.

How to know login name of a remote pc

How to know login name of a remote pc

  1. Either yo know it as it is your other pc or the owner will share it with you
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