plz send fast its really urgent and if know then how we can create that..???

The SQLiteDB.dll has to be little polished to make a COM wrapper.

If you could understand any thing on the three boldfaced, you can do it.
Because it can be implimented in VB (For that matter ASP, VBScript, Dot NET etc. which support COM).

Search in the net. Some brilliant guys had made it possible for you.

Then in your project make a reference of it. Then follow
as below by loading it as an ActiveX object or ADO or OLEDB.
Better Use VB.NET

dbpath = [EMAIL="path+@"]path & "\myDatabase.db">path[/EMAIL] & "\myDatabase.db";
'if the db file doesn't exist, create a new db
'New=True to create a db
<A href="mailto:connString=@"Data">connString="Data Source=" & dbpath & ";New=True;UTF8Encoding=True;Version=3";
SQLiteConnection con = new
SQLiteCommand cmd = con.CreateCommand();
cmd.CommandText="CREATE TABLE customer (name
varchar(30),t myDatabase)";

Declarations,Database name,tablename left to you.

****The above code is not tested.

But it is a gateway for you to

Happy Programming

AV Manoharan