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I am given an assignment of writing a C program which behaves as assembler. That is implementing assmbler using C. I ll have set of assemply statements. I need to convert those into the machine equivalent binary representation. I ll have two data structures to keep track of symbols and the operation code. These data structures need to be implemented using hash table technigue ...
Now i am stuck with the coding part of it. First is that how to convert the stuff into binary representaion and the hash table in C. Can anybody help in this?? I searched here , i cud not find. If i have missed any post related to this, pls let me know.

Thanks in advance.

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For such things, look sometimes at freashmeat or SourceForge, there are many c programs, you likely can find there examples about whatever you are going to do. For example, Simple Generic Assembler http://sourceforge.net/projects/sgasm This is a very simple assembler, seemingly made also without yacc or bison, written in c.


I looked into it. But could not get anything out of it. Planning to write manually . I jst need a C program which implementing hash table. for time being we ll forget abt the assbler implementation.

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