I am lookin to develop an InstallShield in Visual Basic for VB projects..can anyone tell me from where i can the useful and relevant information..I have searched on Internet but i didnt find any useful info.I m not planning to use Visual Studio "Package and Deployment Wizard" neither i am willing to use any third party InstallShield Utility..
All the helps will be appreciated..
Thanks in Advance


When P&D Wizard is available and works fine everywhere. is there any specific reason for why u want to Re-develop any new one of ur own..?
If u dont like P&D Wiz, u can use
"InnoSet-Up" its a freeware, and is very flexible, u can modify the script to meet ur requirements .


Thanks for the reply..actually there is an specific requirement..as my project in the company presently uses P&D but since we are developing an enterprise level soultions for the World Class clients so from the product point of view it doesnt look of a good standard using P&D..so we were thinking to develop our own InstallShield which will have our company's logo and punch line..somethin like Adobe and Oracle InstallShields have..
Hope to get a reply