i have to make a project in java at the beginners level.....so anybody who has ideas on the same...cud u plz help me...i have only 2 months to complete the project...

? what is the project or do you want project ideas ?

Sorry, until jwenting completes his project generator, you will need to come up with your own project idea. Perhaps if you read a lot of the threads here you will get an idea.

Build a number guessing game. I'm not sure of what would be a good 'beginner' project when there is a 2 month deadline. That's obviously enough time for more than a simple beginner's project. Maybe do something with parsing webpages. That'll get you playing around with some useful packages. Perhaps build an application where it'll pull the front page articles from CNN.com or something.

When jwenting finishes his project generator do you think he will release it under the GPL?

I hope so:P