Hello Everyone,
Ild just like to take this oppertunity to introduce myself,
Hi, im Kar'Melody!
Hows it goin? and anyone has a code for a java vending machine I would really appreciate looking at it.
Ive allready been working on it all day but I keep getting an annoying error saying "unable to find ant file to run" and I dont know why??
So if any of you brainiac's have the answer, please please, please, please get back to me asap.

Thanks again
Kar'Melody :lol:

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If you had a specific question regarding your vending machine program feel free to ask.

If you want to use an ant file have you read the instructions for your IDE?

1. there is good example of vending machine in this(JAVA) section

2. if you have problem you don't post what shall I do, you provide code or problematic part of code with error message and we will try to help you

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