Hi again.Read the source code below please:
// Determining the size of variable types

#include <iostream.h>

int main()
cout << " The size of a bool is:\t\t" << sizeof(bool) << " bytes.\n";

return 0;

p:s:I have not included the other variable types because there was no error message for them.The error message says the bool is an undeclared identifier.c++7,or c700.that's what my cd says!I don't know how to write my code in notepad and then transfer my file from notepad to the compiler to link.I have Borland Turbo C++ Version5.02 in that cd.Should I try to install turbo c++ and then try to use the borland compiler for my c++ codes? I don't know but how is it possible to use other compilers except than the default one I use with c++?

I just compiled your program with gcc on my linux machine, and it told me that a bool is one byte. Sorry, I have no recent experience with Borland's compiler tools - the last time I used Turbo C++ 4.5 I was back in 10th grade.

Also, use <iostream> instead of <iostream.h> ;)

Sorry, I missed your P.S. Well, you're using an IDE, integrated development environment, which means that your editor and compiler are built into one. If you have Microsoft Visual C++ 6 or Visual C++.NET handy, you can try the compiler built into that IDE.

I just tried the gcc compiler on linux and it worked (as I noted already).

i see.thankx.Does that mean I can write my source codes,following my c++ syntax in .net compilers?great...

If you have C++.NET, you can compile in that. However, there are some differences depending on what platform you're programming for. C++.NET has a lot of proprietary built-in functions, for example.