First of all let me say I love this forum, everyone has been very nice and extremely helpful! Now to my question.

I got help with a question like this before and the answer I got worked perfectly. However I have a new angle. I'm wanting to take and subtract from a caption but after a random number has been chosen. Thus lets say at the click of a button a random number of 6 is picked. I want that to be subtracted from a caption that is set at 100. Thanks in advance for all the help!

Not sure understood your question, do you want to for ex subtract the number entered in label2 from label1 ? If so do the following
If IsNumeric(Me.Label1.Caption) Then
if IsNumeric(Me.Label2.Caption) then
Me.Label1.Caption = Me.Label1.Caption - Me.Label2.Caption
end if
end if

Or do you want to prompt the user for a number? Then use Inputbox


use this:
I assume u know how to generate Random Number and is stored in RndVar. If u dont know, i will give u the code...

Dim TLng As Long
TLng = Val(Label1.Caption) - RndVar
Msgbox "Result Is " & TLng


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