I want to handle files of same type.For example if am dealing with txt files means i hav to read all the text files once and i should also find a certain keyword(similar keyword) which should exists in all those files.

Anyone suggest how to do that.

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if you can read one file you can read them all...

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Tats was great answer i didnt expect. How to take list of files from the folder

File f1 = new File("E:\\backup_javaprog\\New Folder");
FilenameFilter f2= new OnlyExt("text");
String s[]=f1.list(f2);

Was it correct ???

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Use an array list, and the file api for java. Then read all those files with .txt extensions into the arrayList and away you go.

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File file = new File(directory);
if (!file.isFile) {
    FilenameFilter filter = .... // that's for you to figure out
    String[] files = file.list(filter);
    ... // now do something with those filenames (which may be directorynames).
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