hi all, i was tasked to develop a records sytem that will store on a database probably sql server 2005. the main function of the program is to store records and be able to retrieve them to for report generation, and it should be efficient and fast when a query is thrown to the program.

basic scenario: a client or say a graduate of the school will ask for a form and what the record personnel will do is to enter the client's name and the record will appear, the record's personnel then will be able to print a report or form.

Myquestions are:

  • what techniques should i use when designing the database so when there is a search query, the program wont take a long time to produce output, this question seems to be out of the topic but im desperate. thanks.
  • will sqlserver be a good choice?
  • is it ok to use prebuild database navigation control to add, update and delete record?

ps: the records may range from hundreds of thousands to millions.

thanks in advance and i hope anyone can enlighten me with this since im only given a month to plan and code this project.

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the project which u have chosen is like-kings path to .net(for a beginner).use whatever u have mentioned
1)use sql-server.
2)use predefined functions of datagrid(insert,delete..)
3)use datagrid or gridview(And use vs-2005)....
Happy coding,,,,

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Well! I agree with preetham. .NET is a really good approach to start with and also to go with builtin standard controls is a better idea.

SQL can defintely handle the load of data you are expecting. Make sure you use stored procedures if possible to optimize the data handling which is a best practise to follow.

Let me know. You can read more .NET related articles here

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thanks a lot for your replies. i'll be asking for your help again folks-- im anticipating lots of problem during report generation but i can't clearly present the problem not until i start coding. peace.

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No issues, keep posting.

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I have done several projects like this in my programming class, so if you need help let me know.

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