From my ASP.NET page, I need to print a Crystal Report to client's printer directly.
I'm not using Crystal Report Viewer. I cannot use Crystal's PrintToPrinter method
because this runs on Web Server side. How can I do this?
Any help would be appriciated. I've seen a bunch of other posts with similar question,
but I have not found anu solutions yet. Who's got it??

Thank you very much, all you experts out there!!

Lino Vlacic

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THanks for the reply Kusno.
Then once you have a PDF file, how do you send it to printer on client side? I do not want any user intervention or to preview report. I want it to go directly to client printer. Thanks.


Sorry, I don't get at. Do you want to print your reports directly to printer or just show the reports in web browser ?


Directly to client printer.
Not server printer and no preview mode, just directly to client printer.


I have tried this code :

Crs.ReportDocument.PrintToPrinter(1, True, 0, 0)

when Crs is CrystalReportSource
I can directly print the report to paper.

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