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i want to do project in mobile applicatios like voice commands or similar.
can anybody help m?

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As masijade said: Do you have a specific question?


If you're looking to create mobile applications (when I hear "mobile" I think cell phones, PDAs, etc.), then you will need a J2ME SDK (Java 2 Mobile Edition), and a Java-enabled device. Finding a Java-enabled device shouldn't be too hard these days.

As for the voice recognition and such, you may have to look into, and concern yourself, with Java sound APIs and look into voice-recog. algorithms.

And, as mentioned before, it's all only a short Google search away.


Just download J2ME wireless toolkit 2.5 for developing mobile application.... it is very nice IDE provided by Sun.

you will be having demo projects inside the toolkit.. just go through all those surely you will be getting a good idea about developing new Mobile application.

All the Very Best...


Well to create a mobile application u will need a
J2ME SDK & to create a voice regognition Application You will need a SAPI ( Speech API ) SDK.
There on you need to integrate ur Speec application into ur mobile application to do any operations u need.

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