I am working with PyScripter and WxPython. When I mess up a part of the WxPython code it will run and stop to tell me the error but the debug session will continue. I have to restart PyScripter each time. What am I doing wrong? (apart from not putting the correct code in the first place)

Re: PyScripter and WxPython debug session 80 80

Which version of PyScripter are you using?

I have run into problems with wxPython code with earlier versions of PyScripter. Presently I am using the latest update (version Pyscripter is still in beta mode, but seems to improve with every update. Get the latest update using Tools/Check Updates.

Look under Tools/Configure Tools and find your Python interpreter, if its on the list click on modify and check the Capture Output and Parse Traceback options.

Another thing I noticed is to save your wxPython files with the .pyw extension to invoke Pythonw.exe, it seems to behave better with PyScripter and GUI programs. Probably due to the two above options being checked for the Pythonw.exe interpreter.

I use DrPython for most of my wxPython programs, it is much more stable when it comes to errors with wxPython code. But I really like PyScripter for some of its features.

Re: PyScripter and WxPython debug session 80 80

Thanks for info. I have the latest version. When I tried loading the file as .pyw and that is when I noticed that I do not have my PyScripter configured properly for WxPython. I am will try and configure it or maybe reinstall. Thanks for the help...

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