Friends, Can any one help me in writing code to
(a) Generate first 10 prime numbers,
(b) Find highest common factor(hcf) of 3 numbers, and
(c) Program to print the first N number in the fibonacii series.

I am a beginner. I need help and guidance to become a good and efficient programmer, pl.

incidentally, basically i am a PG in biotechnology and in the process of learning programmes in c, c++ etc.

valuable suggestions to make a career in it field is welcome.


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Like YELLING at us for a 2nd time is going to get it done.

> I need help and guidance to become a good and efficient programmer
Never going to happen unless you start to write some code and actually try stuff for yourself. It is a practical skill acquired over time. You can't just say "show me" (matrix style) and be instantly blessed with the collective wisdom of this board.

How about beginning with typing in say "prime number algorithm" into a search engine, and do a bit of research to find out what is involved.

Thank you Salem. I am a fresher. That's why facing teething problem. Hope to come out, with the guidance from peoples/tech gurus like you.