i am just wondering if java/java applet can be used to "post" and "get" information from a website?

i want my program post info to a site and get the output info back and display it .

for example

if i give it the input : <url snipped>

it should be able to post my user ID and password on that page and get the download link?

-- is that possible?

Re: Java - to Post on web 80 80

What a bad idea to show here website which provide illegal download and even show us what you been downloading lastly "Mobb_Deep_ft_50_Cent_&_Nate_Dogg..rar". Please do not do anything like this in the future, we do not like to see things like these over here.

To your question, it is possible but you need to know more about Networking in Java, plus have some additional info about website you try to access. If you do not know networking you may start with read following book for example

An Introduction to Network Programming with Java by Jan Graba

Re: Java - to Post on web 80 80

thanks for the quick reply..

thats not what i was wanting to download.. i found that link in google. i thought i will show that as an example.

i wil start reading that book.

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