I was just wondering whether this is normal or not:-
When I hit the Print button, it takes a while before the printer starts printing.
The printer spools for a few minutes before printing. :-|

I personally have never had that problem with vb. I dont know what the problem could be but if i can come up with something i will let you know :)

Erm, okay, thanks in advance!
By the way, when printing with let's say, 100 lines similar to the one below, will it makes things slower, logically? Because it would have to get the text?
Just making a wild guess. ;)

Printer.Print txtName.Text

also depends on the type of printer as my epson stylus takes about 10 seconds to process and print out a website and takes about 20 seconds to process and print a spread sheet of the same length(logically this makes no sence because websites have photos and whatnot). Personally i don't think it is a problem for you i think its just that your printer takes longer to process things in VB in comparison to when printing in other applications. Now if the printer won't print the stuff out all togeather then you may have a problem (laff)

Thanks for the feedback.
How about this:-
A friend of mine is having this problem.
She tried running her application on her desktop and printed some content in VB.
She then tried running the application on her colleagues computer but when she tried printing from VB, it says that it could not detect the printer and seconds later, the application shuts down by itself. That colleague could print normal word doc, and yes, she's definitely connected to the network printer.