here is what I have to create: using while, for, do...while

Write a program that displays a menu with the following choices to the user.
A - Find the largest # with a known quantity of numbers
B - Find the smallest # with an unknown quantity of numbers
C - Quit
Please enter your choice ___

This menu needs to be repeatedly displayed until the user chooses to quit.

If A is chosen, you should ask the user how many numbers he wants to enter. If he enters 5, you should read 5 numbers from him. You should then display the largest number he entered. Use a for loop to read these and display the largest.
If B is chosen, you should keep reading numbers no matter what until the user enters -99. Then you should display the smallest number he entered not counting the -99.

Hint - you only need to store the largest or smallest number, not every number that is input.

This is what I got so far and I am stuck dont know what it should look like or what to do. please help..

#include <iostream>
#include <iomanip>
using namespace std;

double larger(double x, double y);
double smaller (double x, double y);

const int SENTINEL = -99;

int main()

double num;
double max;
char ch1;
char a, b, c, i;
char letter;
int large, small, qty;
int count;

        cout << "Please choose one of the following choices.\n"
                 << "A - Find the largest # with a known quantity of numbers\n"
                 << "B - Find the smallest # with an unknown quantity of numbers\n"
                 << "C - Quit" << endl;

        cout << "Please enter your choice ";
        cin >> letter;
        ch1 = letter;
        cout << endl;

        cout << "Please enter quantity of numbers ";
        cin >> qty;
        count = qty;

        cout << "Enter " << qty << " " << "numbers ";
        cin >> num;
        max = num;

        for (count = 1; count < qty; count++)
                        cout << "Enter another number ";
                        cin >> num;
                        max = larger(max, num);

        cout << "The largest number is " << max
                 << endl;

		return 0;

double larger(double x, double y)
        if (x >= y)
                return x;
                return y;
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