I'm considering writing a program for my economics class that will allow me to use the multiple variations of the elasticity equation.
How can I compile my code to an app that I can place on my desktop and simply double click to make it run? I don't want to have to open Visual C++ every time I want to use the formulas.

I'm using Visuall C++ 2005
could someone give me a hand?

Re: from compiler to application 80 80

I am assuming that you are creating a simple executable project, and not a dll project. Also I am assuming that you don't need any additional files, which is the case for simple projects.

When you build your project, depending on your Build Options (Debug/Resource) it creates an exe file inside the Debug or Resource folder. You can copy this file to anywhere you want, and it will execute when double clicked. If it is a console application, you may want to add a cin.get(); statement at the end of the program to keep the console window open until you hit enter.

Re: from compiler to application 80 80

great thanks

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