Hi. Please help. I can't seem to get this program to run.


Modify the exercise shown below so that it will loop, calculating a new tip each time until the user enters a value zero or smaller for the amount of the bill. Make sure there is a nice explanatory message printed at the beginning. Your user prompt should be "Enter the amount of the bill, enter 0 to quit".

You must use appropriate methods (and arguments in them), as well as final CONSTANTS where needed (such as for tipping percents.)

EXERCISE: Here is the beginning exercise (to which you’ll add the above enhancements:

Determine how much to tip in a restaurant. The minimum tip is one dollar.. The tipping levels should be 20% for superior service, 15% for OK service, and 10% if the service was not so good. You should request both the bill amount and the quality of the service. You may use numeric values if you explain to the user what tipping levels they correspond to. If the user doesn’t choose one of the three levels, use 15% as the default percent and also print a message informing the user that you are picking the default level.

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think about what the program needs to do and how it should go about it there is going to be if loops involved
basic algorithm is get 2 user inputs both as ints or doubles
the first one is the total cost the second is an option.
then the if loops will be ur conditions for ur functions.
what part are you having problems with?
give it a try from here :)

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and sorry i forgot the whole thing is a while loop with either

while (true){

or with

while (x!=0){
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Thanks. Let me play with it and see what I come up with. Thanks for the advice

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