I am having two servers viz., Windows and Linux. A service is running in Linux to produce a text file of around 8 MB per minute. If I would like to replicate (or copy) this text file to windows server which supports .Net as soon as the file is produced. I have a choice of the following solutions,

1. Running a Web Service in Windows server and whenever the file has to be copied to it the java program should call that service and transfer the byte stream.

2. Java servlet program on both side to transfer via FTP.

Which one will be better in performance? Can anybody help me to resolve this?

Running web services would be recommended.

FTP does not necessarily guarantee delivery and you can't be sure the file is downloaded unless you also download a flag file. Alternatively you could write your own FTP process, but thats rather a long way around the problem.

FTP would be faster than web services, unless you are not implementing an XML based web service? But 8MB isn't that big these days.

You do have a number of other solution options, we faced a similar issue, with really big files that was implemented using JSP triggers, FTP and transfer end files... but this is because they originally couldn't find any existing Java solutions that could handle large files... I can't think of anything that wouldn't now.

Or you could implement your own using Java socket connections... would it be faster?

I'd recommend using Web services.

can u help on implementing this file transfer problem.. may be with some sample code in java

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