i have a small question.im new to the key logger world.I have no idea on how to use one but would like if some one could explain how to put a keystroke logger program on a file share site.I had a keylogger on my pc before...not the best thing to happen to me.I just want to know how can i put a heylogger on a file like of rapidshare or fileplanet or even curse gaming put it back up on the site and let people downloaded it.Then have it install with out them knowing and have it send me there keystroke.Also could some one recommend some programs for me as well

Some what im not really looking to hack people..i dont know how to tell the trueth i just wana know how to put a keylogger on a file(exple something you would get a curse gaming a mod/add on site for World of warcraft) and have send the info to me pretty much sums my question.....now i wounder why i put some much info before

look if you want it to develop a game, there are sort of something do that, like Direct Input that exists in DirectX libraries.
You can use key down handler in C# application to get the key pressed and so on..
What do you need exactly..
If you need to track key pressed refere to the link I gave and find out my answer!