Hi all,
I am new to C#(programming). Could you tell me a good link for C#.

Could you please tell me the use of STATIC keyword use in C#.
why static is used in the following line what are the advantages..?
public static class myclass{
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A static class can never be instantiated as an instance in memory. It is just a collection of static functions and member data.


myclass class = new myclass() //causes compiler error


myclass.someMethod() //this is ok

All member variables and methods must also be static in a static class.

I use 'Professional C# 2005' published by Wrox. It's an excellent reference.

It would do, but the slash is the wrong way round in the url. It may work in some browsers but it dies in FF 1.5 on my PC. :)

ok ok :D, that's good you advised me, thanks for the right link :)

thanks a lot for u r replies