Hi everyone,

I have written an application to communicate with an Access database. Everything works fine when i compile it. I can run the compiled .exe file on the pc which has VB 6 installed but when i transfer to a pc that does not have a copy of VB on it, the file will not run. It gives an error saying MSADODC.OCX not found or not registered.
I copied this file from my other pc into the \\windows\system32 folder but then another file was missing.
Is there something i can do other than install copy of VB.


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After you compiled your project with 'Make', did you use the Package and Deployment Wizard? This collects any dependancy files (.DLL, .OCX etc) and includes them in an Install package.

Just copying the .EXE file to another PC isn't going to work.


Check your controls in the app!

You can put all the controls used in the same directory as the program.
That folder is checked first before the Windows or Windows System folder. This also reduces the chance of DLL conflict, and/or overwriting their DLL's. if they choose to uninstall (assuming you have an installer created)


I just wanted to clarify that you dont have to install VB...
You just need the runtime module...
as in: vbrun50.exe or vbrun60.exe



I am facing the same problem. Did u guyz get d solution of it?

can u tell me the whole procedure, plz?

My program is in VB and database is in MS ACCESS.



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