So i have this method, that accepts data inputs of various types from a web form...now some of them (if not all) can be left empty...and thus insert nothing. now my coding is not allowing it to accept these empty strings, any ideas?

int id = 2;

bool hasRadio = false;
bool hasRadioVHF = false;

if (chkRadioVHF.Checked == true)
hasRadioVHF = true;

if (chkRadio.Checked == true)
hasRadio = true;

vesselLicense.InsertVslLic3(id, txtNavigationEquipmentOne.Text, Convert.ToInt32(txtNavigationEquipmentYearOne.Text ), txtNavigationEquipmentTwo.Text, Convert.ToInt32(txtNavigationEquipmentYearTwo.Text ),
txtNavigationEquipmentThree.Text, Convert.ToInt32(txtNavigationEquipmentYearThree.Te xt), txtNavigationEquipmentOther.Text, Convert.ToInt32(txtNavigationEquipmentYearOther.Te xt), hasRadioVHF, Convert.ToInt32(txtRadioVHFPurchaseYear.Text),
hasRadio, Convert.ToInt32(txtRadioPurchaseYear.Text), Convert.ToInt32(txtCellular.Text), Convert.ToInt32(txtCellularPurchaseYear.Text), txtOther.Text, Convert.ToInt32(txtOtherPurchaseYear.Text),
txtRadioCall.Text, txtEchoSounder.Text, Convert.ToInt32(txtEchoSounderPurchaseYear.Text), txtSonar.Text, Convert.ToInt32(txtSonarPurchaseYear.Text), txtNetSond.Text, Convert.ToInt32(txtNetSondPurchaseYear.Text),
txtFishFinder.Text, Convert.ToInt32(txtFishFinderPurchaseYear.Text), txtRemarks.Text);
catch (Exception ex)
throw ex;

and no the problem is not from the sql/database side...i checked it and is working fine :) any ideas on how i could takle this? thanks!

ps this is not home work help, i'm just learning c# by myself and got stuck :(

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