Hello everyone,

im new in vb.net..as of now im using msaccess as my back end.When i run the program in my pc..it run ok..but when i try to map so that other user can user the database..it cannot save..message is read only..any suggestion on how to use the msaccess for sharing..pls


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Best way to share the MsAccess is to keep it on a shared Drive and user maps the location of the Access DB on their machine and then read/write to it.


first of all thank you for your time..the situation is i created the msaccess file in one of my user name profile in xp..im using access 2000 by the way.when i map the folder (drive z:) it will be autoconnected everytime i open that said profile..when i accessed the file in drive c, there's no problem..but when i open the file on the drive that i was mapped.(drive z), a message appeared like..The database 'sales.mdb' is read only and the below is the message saying..You won't be able to save changes made to data or object definitions in this database...I want this database to be connected on other pc's and make the user's able to edit/add record because i will be using this as my back end in my vb.net.
thanks in advance..

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