Yeah, just wonderin how many of you guys are using dotnet 3.0. If you are, what is it like etc? Can you use it with the express versions?

I used it since the beta versions but I don't know if you can develop WPF, WCF, etc.. applications by the Express or not as I am using VSTS 2005/2008

The beta of 2008 (2008 express edition betas too) use .NET 3.5 and its much the same as 2.0. You can do WPF in express

3.0 and 3.5 are basically extensions to 2.0. There's several new language features (LINQ being my favorite so far) that change the language a bit, but it's a good change :)

3.5 is to 3 what 1.1 was to 1

3.5 is to 3 what 1.1 was to 1

That's usually the idea behind a minor version number, yes...