i am trying to simulate a fern using affine transformation..i want to know how to amp2d coordinates to 3d coordinates??also is there some other technique in maylab that we paste our picture and get the x ,y ,z coordinate..just as we get in "PAINT"...when we paint the picture...if we have to iamgine any picture in 3 dimensions then how do we collect the third coordinate i.e th z coordinte...do we have to map from 2d to 3d..if yes then how we have to map..i am too confused regarding it..please help...

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Since no one else has answered this...

I am not familiar with using MatLab. (I presume you mean MatLab.) However, you should be aware that affine transformations are matrix multiplications applied to an affine space --that is, applied to vectors.

A vector can be any dimension you want. Your transformation matrices just need to match.

There is no one, obvious way to turn 2D data in to 3D data. You would probably do best to "grow" a fern instead of trying to "paint" a fern. You might want to check out 3D tree generators like arbaro.

Good luck.

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