hello everyone i was wondering what is the best book for beginning c++

apress beginning c from novice to prfessional
tech yourself c++ in 21 days..and so on

I'm completely newbie and also not good at math either:confused:

btw i'm interested in computer programming... so i really want to learn c++...

and also what is the best IDE for C++? visual studio or bloodshed Dev c++?

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I used these ones:
C How to Program
C++ How to Program
Deitel & Associates Inc.

>C How to Program
>C++ How to Program
I suppose if you have two C-notes burning a hole in your pocket, you could get those two (last I checked, they were both over $100). Personally, I'm not willing to pay more for two beginner's texts than I did for the entire Knuth series. Somehow I doubt the return on investment is worth it.

I agree ... both are very expensive, but you can find used books (in amazon.com for example) for less then 50% of the list price of new books.
Here in Brasil, those books are very dificult to find and are very expensive too.

"Thinking In C++"
C++ by Bjarne Stroustrup.

thanks for the great info everyone

I appreciate that

If you are a beginner I reccomend "C++ for dummies 5TH EDITION "
its simple amusing yet affective.

C++ How to Program by Deitel
Thinking in C++ by Eckel, Bruce (Because you can download)
There is one beiginner's guide by Schidilt at Micrisoft's VC++ express page

This thread is already about 2 years old, and you're still replying in it.
If someone wants to read a good book about C++, then he can check out the sticky about that.
Maybe for further interest: ___________.

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