Hi all
I am trying to compile some of the snippets on this site and only some of them work and I was thinknig wether its because I have a different version of .NET framwork installed would this affect it?
I have V1.1
All installed on 1 machine I dont know why should I get rid of some and keep just one, if so which one, also if I compiled on 1 version would it run on other versions?

Many thanks


give us example of snippets which work and which don't

Tha application manager doesn't work when it compiles there is an error, the US navy clock works fine, the one to open the cd tray doesn't work again error when compiling. They are the only ones I have tried so far.

give me links for codes or codes themselves

CD tray....
TAKE CARE about copying the code you'll find there are some codes copied wrong take code line line
Create form then add 2 buttons and assign click event handlers to click1 and click2 method
It will work!

Thats the process manager....
You've before compiling this code to adjust namespace names or create the windows application with Process_Manager name
second to add in the form ListView control with name lvwProcesses, TextBox control with name txtMachine and Button control with name cmdRefersh and give in click event handler this method cmdRefersh_Click
It will work!

OK thankyou being the noob I am I thought I could just copy paste & compile, thanks for your help